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Answering Common Tummy Tuck Questions

Tummy tuck patient in Edina
A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that creates a slimmer waistline by eliminating excess skin and fat. It is also commonly performed to repair weak or separated abdominal muscles.

If you are considering this body contouring procedure, you probably have questions. Here are answers to the most common questions that our Edina patients ask about tummy tuck surgery.

How Many Sizes Do You Lose with a Tummy Tuck?

It is common to go down a pant size of two after tummy tuck surgery. However, not all patients will have to reinvent their wardrobes. Clothing sizes are not consistent between brands, and the way that a garment fits your hips, thighs, and butt will also play a role in what’s right for you.

It is important to approach cosmetic surgery with realistic expectations. That said, the majority of tummy tuck patients notice that their clothes fit better and look more flattering after surgery.

What Does a Tummy Tuck Scar Look Like?

Different types of tummy tucks leave different scars. A full tummy tuck usually involves a long incision from hipbone to hipbone and an additional incision around the belly button. A partial or mini tummy tuck involves one short incision near the bikini line.

In most cases, tummy tuck scars can be easily concealed under clothing and swimwear. They will also get lighter over time, especially if you practice proper scar care.

Click here to view tummy tuck before and after photos.

Is There a Non-Surgical Alternative?

Tummy tuck surgery is unique in the results that it can achieve. No topical cream or diligent exercise routine will be able to remove excess skin.

A similar thing can be said for non-surgical fat reduction treatments. They may help in some ways but will not address issues with hanging skin and separated muscles.

We Make Tummy Tuck Surgery Easy to Understand

Patient education is important to board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. David Smith. He will provide the information you need to decide if tummy tuck surgery is right for you.

Learn more about achieving your body goals with a tummy tuck by scheduling a free in-office consultation at 952-922-0895. Our practice serves Edina, Richfield, Bloomington, Minneapolis, St. Paul, and nearby Minnesota areas.