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Breast Augmentation: It’s Not About The “C” Cup

If you have considered a breast augmentation procedure, you may have a cup size in mind that you believe is the “perfect size.” We hate to burst your bubble, but there is much more to consider for breast augmentation than bra size. We also need to take many other factors into consideration. Dr. Smith knows that the process of breast augmentation can be intimidating to some, which is why he has provided some tips today on how you can help your plastic surgeon envision your desired results.

Cup Size Conundrum

Telling Dr. Smith that you want a “C” cup during your initial consultation is not as helpful as you might have thought. It’s understandable why many women get hung up on a bra size as it is one of their only measureable tools for breast sizes, but it is not the most dependable method for determining the perfect size. Depending on your chest width, the cup size may change even if your breast size is the same. For example, a woman wearing 36 C has similar bust measurements as a women who fits a 34 DD. This doesn’t even take in consideration about how cup size and look can vary depending on the brand of the bra. Instead of falling into the trap of wanting a particular cup size, bring pictures of your ideal size and shape into your initial consultation to help Dr. Smith better see your desired size.

Perfect Proportions

Bigger isn’t always better. Bigger implants on a smaller body can make a woman look heavier than she really is. This is the reason why it is important for our Minnesota clients to consider how they can enhance their entire body shape with her implants, instead of just considering the size of the implants. Dr. David Smith’s practice in the Minneapolis area focusses on creating beautiful proportions through breast augmentation. He will help you walk you through the process of deciding an implant size that will fit your body shape and size perfectly.

Considering Cleavage

Many women are surprised to find out that increasing your breast size won’t necessarily give you cleavage. This is why it is important to consider cleavage during the breast augmentation process. So how does one achieve cleavage? Cleavage is a result of the shape of and proximity of the breasts as well as the width of your chest. If you have a narrow chest, even a smaller implants could potentially provide cleavage. Do you want cleavage as a result of your breast augmentation procedure? Let Dr. Smith know during your initial consultation and he can help you consider your options for making beautiful cleavage a reality with your body shape.

Begin Your Journey In Edina Today

It can be incredibly exciting to choose your implant shape and size, which is why the knowledgeable Dr. Smith is here to help ensure that your results are just as beautiful as you hoped for. If you are interested in pursuing breast augmentation, schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Smith in Minnesota.
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