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Dr. Smith performs the following breast surgery procedures at his accredited practice in Edina. Please click on one of the following procedures below for more information.

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Male Breast Reduction

Gynecomastia is a medical condition that causes men to have the appearance of enlarged or feminine-looking breasts. While it is not often spoken about, gynecomastia is actually a fairly common condition and can be both frustrating and embarrassing for men who suffer from it.

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Breast Augmentation Sizing

The Perfect Fit: Finding a Bra After Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation

As a woman gets older, there are several factors in life that cause changes in her physical appearance. One of the biggest concerns for many women is the loss of breast volume or shape that often occurs over time, whether due to pregnancies, weight fluctuations, or the simple effects of aging.

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Breast Implant Revisions

Breast implants are not intended to be lifelong devices and, at some point, may need to be replaced. Women who need to have their breast implants replaced for medical or personal reasons, or who are no longer satisfied with the results of a previous breast augmentation, may benefit from a breast implant revision with Dr. Smith.

Breast Lift

Changes to your body are to be expected as you get older. For women, the breasts are one of the most affected areas. Over time, you may notice shrinkage, flattening, or sagging of your breasts due to the effects of aging, gravity, weight fluctuations, and pregnancy (too name a few).

Mommy Makeover

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Breast Reduction

Women who struggle every day with disproportionately larger breasts know that bigger is not always necessarily better. Several physical problems—back, neck, or shoulder pain—and lifestyle challenges—difficulty exercising, poor-fitting clothing, or self-consciousness—are commonly associated with overly large breasts and often make daily life more difficult than it should have to be.

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