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Dr. Smith performs the following facial plastic surgery procedures at his accredited practice in Edina. Please click on one of the following procedures below for more information.

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The endoscope in plastic surgery has been a real advance for forehead and brow lifts. We are able to keep the scars very short and located behind the hairline. We use three or four half inch incisions to free up the forehead and eyebrows and lift them to an attractive and youthful position.

Eyelid Surgery

Your eyes can tell a lot about you—your age shouldn’t have to be one of those things. However, over the years the skin around your eyes can begin to show the past years of sun damage, repeated muscle movements, and gravity’s unavoidable pull.


Unfortunately, the smooth and taut skin we remember from our youth won’t last forever. Deep facial folds, skin laxity, and jowls are all common parts of getting older, but they can be hard to get used to or feel comfortable with when you look in the mirror.

Sutured Mini Facelift

That first wrinkle, fold, or sign of loosening skin can be truly hard to accept. You still feel as youthful and energetic as ever, but your face seems to be saying something else when you look in the mirror.

Facial Implants

A harmonious, well-balanced appearance can mean a lot to a person’s sense of self-confidence. When a part of your face detracts from that balanced appearance, it can leave you feeling shy about your look or even make you wish you could hide or disguise those areas of your face.

Neck Lift

Loose skin and jowls are a common problem people struggle with as they get older. The neck lift is designed to correct these issues and restore a youthful and well-toned appearance of the neck.

Chin Surgery

Your chin plays a large role in framing your face. If you are unhappy with its size or appearance, it can make you feel as though your entire look is off-balance. Chin enhancement surgery can help to refine the size and/or projection of your chin and improve the overall harmony between facial features.

Neck Liposuction

Stubborn facial fat can be extremely difficult to get rid of. Even with plenty of diet and exercise, some men and women may still struggle with excess fat around the neck or chin.

Nose Surgery

The nose is one of the most common features of the face about which both men and women seem equally dissatisfied. Whether it’s because it is too big or too small, crooked, bulbous, droopy, or anything in between, when the nose feels out of place, it can negatively impact the way a person feels about his or her overall appearance.

Ear Surgery in Edina

Large or protruding ears can be a problem for both children and adults. Ears that are larger or stick out further than normal can create an imbalance with other facial features.

Endoscopic Forehead/Brow Lift

Has your look started to appear drowsy or tired even when you’re wide awake? As you get older, it is normal for your skin to begin to droop or sag.