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Financing and Scheduling

Dr. Smith’s use of his in-house AAAASF certified surgical suite will significantly.  minimize your cost and allow us to give you much better results due to ideal staff and instruments.  Cosmetic surgery is an optional procedure not covered by any insurance and paid out of pocket. Our competitive quoted fees expire in 6 weeks and pay for our surgery, anesthesia, facility and post op visits.  Additional services from other facilities like preoperative physicals, lab tests, pathology tests, and medications are not covered.  Insurance most often covers these.  Best to have current health insurance when having cosmetic surgery.

Our surgery schedule is generally booked out 2 – 5 weeks after your free consultation and full payment.  Scheduling and payment must be done in person to allow signatures, prescriptions and pre-op photos.  You should be healthy without serious medical issues and close to ideal weight with a bmi of 35 or less.  No nicotine, alcohol, ibuprofen, aspirin, amphetamine, or drugs 30 days prior to surgery.  Most often patients know about our clinic and have looked through the website.  Half arrive, schedule and pay for surgery and half return home to think about surgery.  

You can schedule a consultation for several weeks in advance if you call our clinic direct weekdays 7am till 12:00 noon.  If bringing a very young child please bring another individual to help with the child. We accept cash, debit cards, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express for payment.  To save time we suggest you call the 800 number on the back of your card to be certain there are no daily limits on the card.  Some health savings plans do cover cosmetic surgery.

Care Credit Financing

Financing for surgery is available using CareCredit® at www.carecredit.com. We can accept care credit for the cost of surgery but the scheduling fee of $2000 is separate and must be paid by cash or a different credit card.  Popular plans accepted through CareCredit include:
  1. Six months deferred interest. This works well as a bridge loan for patients expecting a bonus from work or a tax refund, etc.
  2. Most popular by far – are three year payment plans at low interest rates offered by the CareCredit company.
Credit approval and financing details are all handled by the CareCredit company. You may contact them by clicking on the green button above or by calling 1-800-859-9975. Cost estimates are done at the time of the consultation and are generally valid for about 12 weeks. Consultations with Dr. Smith are free. We normally offer same morning or next day consult scheduling – always mornings. Please call or text 952-922-0895 if we can help you.