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Keep Your Facelift Lifted

plastic surgeon assessing woman's face for facelift surgeryA facelift can take years off of your appearance. However, although the results of facelift surgery are long-lasting, the aging process still continues after your procedure. Self-care is key to maintaining your rejuvenated appearance.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. David Smith has extensive experience performing facelifts. He routinely advises patients to take the following steps in order to maximize the longevity of results.

The Do’s of a Lasting Facelift

Optimizing your facelift results long-term is mostly about lifestyle. You probably eat healthy, exercise, have a skincare regimen, and take additional steps already  to look and feel your best.

After undergoing a facelift, this kind of self-care is still important. Additional steps you should take to enhance the longevity of your results include:

  • Use sunscreen: UV rays prematurely age your skin. Prolonged exposure to sunlight makes the skin less supple, which encourages the formation of lines and wrinkles. Daily application of sunscreen will reduce this damage, helping you preserve the results of your facelift.
  • Hydrate: Drinking water throughout the day is good for overall health, but it also helps with your appearance. Think of all the skincare products on the market that advertise their hydrating features, many of them for the face. Why do companies do this? Because hydration firms and revitalizes the skin! When it comes to the face, drinking plenty of water helps prevent wrinkles and sagging.
  • Pick the right products: Once you invest in a facelift, you’ll want to look past over-the-counter items for more serious skincare solutions. One-size-fits-all might have worked for you in the past, but after a facelift you need medical-grade skin care to maintain your results. Look for products containing antioxidants, peptides, and retinoids in order to keep your skin smooth and vibrant.
  • Sleep right: Repetitive motions cause the dreaded lines and wrinkles on the face. One repetitive motion most people don’t think about is burying their faces in a pillow night after night. If you’re in the habit of sleeping on your side or your stomach, it may take some adjustments to start sleeping on your back. However, your skin – before or after a facelift – will thank you!

Of course, you are not alone in maintaining your facelift results. Dr. Smith is pleased to offer a multitude of non-surgical options to rejuvenate your skin.

The Don’ts of a Lasting Facelift

One of the worst things you can do for your skin at any age is smoke. Smoking reduces the flow of blood and oxygen. It also reduces skin elasticity, making it more likely for wrinkles to form. Immediately following your facelift, tobacco use negatively impacts the healing process, making it take longer to see the final results and increasing the risk of complications.

So, whether you're considering a facelift or you're taking every step to maintain your facelift results, don't smoke!

It is also very important not to pursue additional cosmetic treatments without qualified input. Working with a board-certified plastic surgeon can help you avoid procedures that may impact the long-term results of your facelift.

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Dr. Smith understands that you want to keep your skin looking as youthful as possible. Following your facelift, he encourages you to take the proper steps to ensure an everlasting radiance.

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