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Look Your Best After Baby with a Tummy Tuck

Having a flat stomach is essential to having a physically fit appearance. As many know, however, a healthy diet and vigorous workout routine can only do so much. Even if you do slim down, there’s nothing you can do to eliminate the buildup of sagging skin in the abdominal area. If you are bothered by excessive skin in the midsection, a tummy tuck with Dr. Smith may be right for you.

No More Extra Skin

A tummy tuck (also known as an abdominoplasty) is a fairly common surgery and is popular with moms. After giving birth, a woman’s abdominal skin can remain stretched out—especially for mothers with multiple children. As many women will tell you, sagging, loose skin can have a real impact on your life. It can make you feel less-than-confident with your body and can even be physically uncomfortable. You may also find that extra skin can have an impact on your wardrobe and sartorial choices.

A Tummy Tuck Is Ab-out More than Skin

In addition to the expansion of the skin around your midsection, pregnancy can wreak havoc internally on your abdominal muscles. As your uterus grows during pregnancy, the two large parallel bands of muscles in your abdomen can become separated—a condition called diastasis recti—which weakens the stomach area. Oftentimes, those muscles fail to regain their original tone on their own after the baby is born. This can potentially lead to lower back pain and make daily activities like lifting the kids or yoga class difficult to impossible.

Say Goodbye to Stretch Marks

An added bonus to removing the excess skin from around your belly after pregnancy or significant weight loss is that some of the resulting stretch mark will vanish. The procedure isn’t going to get rid all the marks but it’s an extra benefit to the transformative tummy tuck.

Schedule Your Tummy Tuck with Dr. Smith in Edina, Minnesota

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