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Mommy Makeover

As a mother, you do so much for your children and family without giving it as a second thought. However, sometimes it may be hard to look in the mirror and love the changes that your body experienced as a result of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Unfortunately, the common belief is that this is something that women need to just accept—a side effect of having children that you live with no matter how you feel about it. We feel differently. At Smith Plastic Surgery, we believe that a woman can both be a mother and still feel confident and sexy. A mommy makeover is the name for a customized set of procedures put together to improve some of the changes that occur in the female body after having children. Dr. Smith works individually with each woman to personalize her mommy makeover around her unique needs and goal outcome. Most of the time, mothers just want to lift some of the sagging, restore lost volume, and minimize the stubborn fat—they want to look and feel like themselves again. At Smith Plastic Surgery, your mommy makeover will include a unique combination of some of the following procedures:
  • Breast Augmentation: Restores breast volume that was lost with pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Breast Lift: Elevates breasts that have begun to sag or point downward
  • Tummy Tuck: Flattens the abdomen and repairs muscles that may become outstretched during pregnancy
  • Liposuction: Reduces areas of resistant fat
At Smith Plastic Surgery, mommy makeovers are normally performed as a single surgery at our on-site surgical suite. This helps to minimize your overall surgery time and will dramatically cut down on the recovery period. Combined procedures like this are surprisingly affordable.  For example a complete tummy tuck with the new “gummy bear” gel implants costs $10,800   This is a nice savings over two separate procedures.  Both can be done for patients close to ideal weight.  This also includes a Botox® treatment for forehead wrinkles.   This is the ultimate makeover for a mom.

Please take take the time to look over our gorgeous before and after photos of a mommy makeover surgery.   We are very proud of these beautiful results!  We strive to provide our mommy makeover patients with beautiful, feminine outcomes that look as natural as the day before she ever became pregnant.  We get great results with privacy and we are cost effective. Call 952.922.0895 between 8am and 8pm to schedule a free, next-morning consultation with Dr. Smith, or you may leave your contact information on the form to your right. Enjoy the good life! Click here to view our Before & After Gallery.