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Patient Reviews

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Patient Reviews of Dr. David Smith

“I’ve been wanting a breast augmentation for years and wasn’t sure how to go about looking for the right doctor to perform my surgery. I’ve had plenty of friends that had the surgery done and could have went to see their doctors for consultations but I’m glad I found and chose Dr. Smith. He chose the best sized implants to fit my body and made me feel comfortable throughout my whole experience. His staff and Jessica were amazing as well. It has been a little over 3 months since my surgery, I’m still healing perfectly and I couldn’t be happier with the result. I highly recommend anyone looking for a breast augmentation to set up their free consultation with Dr. Smith. I will definitely be coming back for any other surgeries I’m looking to get done. Truly amazing experience!” (*) Breast Augmentation Patient (RealSelf Review)
“Dr. Smith is good at what he does. He was honest and doesn’t sugar coat things which some may think is bad bedside manner but its really just him doing what he has to do. He helped me make some good choices and was careful to avoid any complications. I liked that it was in his own private office surgery room and the multiple pre-op and post-op visits were easy and appreciated.” (*) Mommy Makeover Patient (RealSelf Review)
“Dr. David O. Smith is a great doctor with lots of experience and that was very important to me. I went in for a consultation and told him what I wanted. He quoted me on what I wanted and offered his professional opinion. I had seen 2 other doctors prior and their cost was a little lower but it was for a mini tummy tuck the dr. said I needed. Dr. Smith said no I need a full tummy tuck and explained to me what was all included. I followed his professional opinion and got the results I wanted PLUS more.” (*) Tummy Tuck Patient (RealSelf Review)
“I have to give rave reviews to Dr. David O. Smith. He is so skilled after many years of experience. Please seriously consider him to be your doctor. He has an eye for detail that is unmatched. Doctors don’t usually rave about doing a nose job for someone because it is one of their most difficult procedures. Dr. David O. Smith loves this procedure and is sure to give you gorgeous results.” (*) Rhinoplasty Patient (RealSelf Review)  

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