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The Perfect Fit: Finding a Bra After Breast Augmentation

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After all of the planning, the surgery, and the recovery, it is time for the fun part—showing your new figure off! For many women, shopping for a new bra after breast augmentation is an exciting milestone. An adventure for sure, bra shopping with your new additions can be challenging as well as fun—and one thing is for certain, it will be different.

Together with Dr. Smith, we have come up with a few pointers to help you find a bra that fits perfectly with your breast implants.

Give It Time

Although you may be tempted to rush to the nearest lingerie store, it is important to be patient. Dr. Smith recommends that you wait four to six weeks before wearing—or shopping for—a regular bra. As the swelling subsides and your breasts settle, you will be far more successful finding a bra that fits both comfortably and attractively. Heed our warning: by wearing a bra too soon after your augmentation, you run the risk of irritating the sensitive breast area and preventing the breasts and implant from healing and settling properly.

Find Your Size

As you try on bras for the first time with your new breasts, you may find that you are not the cup size that you thought you would be. While we understand that you may have had a specific size in mind, remember that cup size is not always the most accurate measurement and can vary from one manufacturer to the next. Don’t be discouraged. To find the best fit, make sure to try on cup sizes beyond that of the one you expected. Trial and error is by far the best way to find the best fitting bra.

Be Open to New Styles

Augmentation not only makes your breasts bigger, but changes the shape and projection as well. For this reason, bras that were once a good fit may not be with your implants. Be open to trying on new styles and when available, seek out advice from a trained professional. Likely different than what you had been waring, it is important make sure to look for styles that will provide adequate support as your body adjusts to the added weight of your new breasts.

Find a Perfect Fit with Dr. Smith

Working with you from the beginning of your breast augmentation onwards, Dr. Smith is available to assist you as you continue to adjust to your breast implants. Do not hesitate to reach out to our Edina practice with any questions.