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Why You Should Schedule Your Plastic Surgery this Fall & Winter

smith-fall-winter-image The weather has turned! While many of us settle in and prepare for the cooler months here in Minnesota, Dr. Smith is preparing for a busy season ahead. The coming months are amongst the busiest time of the year for Dr. Smith. Whether it be facial, breast, or body enhancement, patients often prefer to undergo more invasive procedures during the fall and winter months. Although the time of year that you choose to go in for surgery does not directly affect your final outcome, there are some advantages to choosing the fall and winter season.

You are Bound to Be Inside

Post-surgery, your body will need time to recover. For many of Dr. Smith’s patients, it can be hard to take a break from their daily activities. Whether it be for a few days or a few weeks, it is far easier to stay inside during the cold and often snowy months than during the warmer months of spring and summer.

Sweater Weather

As anyone in the Minneapolis area knows, the chill in the air makes bundling up a necessity. Effortlessly conceal post-surgical undergarments and incision sites, as well as residual swelling and bruising under heavier clothing and multiple layers. FYI! Turtlenecks, hats, and scarves make for a stylish cover-up as you continue to heal.

Debut Your New Look During the Holidays

Many men and women want to look their best over the winter holidays. By planning ahead, you will be party ready come the holiday season. Enjoy the benefits of undergoing plastic surgery during the fall and winter by scheduling your consultation with Dr. Smith today.