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The Advantages of Kybella®

Do you feel like those last few pounds aren’t stuck on your belly, they’re lingering underneath your chin instead? No matter how dialed in your diet and exercise habits are, you can’t seem to shed the dreaded double chin. It may not be your fault, however. For many of Dr. Smith’s patients, submental fullness is genetic and it may be there regardless of what you do.

How Do You Feel About Your Chin Area?

It turns out that a lot of people are self-conscious or unhappy with the way the area under their chin looks. In a recent survey, nearly 2,000 American men and women were asked how they felt about it, and almost half of all respondents were dissatisfied with how their chin and neck areas appear.  So much so that many of those surveyed said they would avoid photos or face time with coworkers and friends. They would also often opt for concealing clothing because of it. Some men even grow beards just to cover up the excess fat. But, do you really have to hide forever or is liposuction the only way to rid yourself of that second chin?

Kybella! The Advantages of the Alternative

There is another option to reducing and eliminating the excess fat around the chin and neck without the need for any invasive treatments. Kybella is the first and only FDA-approved injectable that diminishes the appearance of a double chin. With Kybella, the unwanted fat is melted away with a series of injections. It does this by mimicking a fat-destroying acid that the body already naturally produces. The resulting effect is a pronounced reduction in fullness under the chin. The treatment also ensures that these cells won’t come back, so once you reach your goals, that’s it!

With Kybella, there’s no anesthesia involved because it’s not an invasive procedure. The most common side effects of Kybella are extremely mild and include swelling, bruising, pain, numbness, redness, and hardness in the area that was treated—all of which subside in the following days. You can go in for treatment on Friday and be back at work on Monday.

Kybella is specifically used only to treat the fat that lies under your chin. Similar to liposuction, it will not work to tighten the skin after the fat is gone. And just like liposuction, Kybella does not treat neck bands. That is more of an issue with the muscles in the neck area and not the surrounding tissue.

Is Kybella Really Better?

Of course, liposuction is a tried and true way to rid the chin and neck areas of unwanted fat, but it does come with a few downsides. One of the main concerns is the scarring that accompanies this procedure—although minimal, it is something to think about. While liposuction surgery generally takes longer than a Kybella treatment, most of Dr. Smith’s patients only need one liposuction treatment, instead of the series of Kybella treatments. With Kybella, most men and women tend to see the best improvement after several (usually between four and six treatments) over the course of a few months. The recovery period with liposuction is likely to take a little longer too. It is quite possible for a relatively speedy recovery after liposuction, but if you’re older or going through multiple procedures, it may take extra time.

Kybella at Smith Plastic Surgery

Don’t wait to learn more about Kybella! Let Dr. Smith and his staff address any questions or concerns you have about reducing submental fullness during your consultation at our Edina practice.